Barbarian and Scallywag

Oh hey there… what’s your name?

Either way, welcome to the realm of Barbarian and Scallywag – an established production company influenced predominantly by all things unique, mythological and the interpretative art of “What If?”.

Barbarian and Scallywag 3

At present, we have completed our first project entitled “The Last Equinox” (for which you can view the trailer here) – an occult fantasy short film produced in collaboration with my insanely talented friends from independent film-making network, Glasgow Film Crew. As well as following our progress via Facebook (and sometimes Twitter too!), this blog serves as a much more personal archive from which you can discover more beyond the photographs and what you may have witnessed on screen already or shall witness in good time .

Would you like to share your stories with me too? Follow Barbarian and Scallywag and I’ll gladly follow you back!

Stay brave, and live for passion.

Ailsa Lonsdale

Scallywag, Scottish Actor and Pro Nonsensical Rambler


Entry 1) Pre-Production: It started with a game
Entry 2) Pre-production: Siblings of Artairhan
Entry 3) Production: “I think YOU should direct it, Ailsa!”
Entry 4) Production: What is fear?
Entry 5) Production: Letting it all go
Image (c) Ian Hendry
Entry 6) Post-production: Memories breathe
Animation Still
Entry 7) Post-production: A perfect beginning
Entry 8) Completion: And you are…?
Entry 9) The Last Post

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